Need suggestion on planting trees on 4 acre land

Hi guys…
          i am planning to plant trees on my 4 acre land like lemon,mango,Pomegranate…jus want to know the practice and where can i buy them of good quality.
          And need some suggestion from u all which is best season to plant them,whick kinda of soil is important and all …

Please mention more details such as type of soil, water availability, Region, Climate.
Also do specify if the region has any orchards nearby and of what type.

Since you have mentioned lemons- I understand the land might be suitable for citrus cultivation.  Just to share that I have recently planted Mosambi @ Aurangabad (Mah) on 5.5 acre. May be I can share more details based on your information.

Dear Eshwarraj,

Please dont limit your land to only few trees.  Have atleast 20 different trees to ensure diversification.

Padmanabhan Ganesan

Hi Parag,
    can you please provide details of your Mousambi and Lemon plantation including where did you got saplings .
I am planning Lemon and Mousambi at our farm in Bhusaval Maharashtra in 3 to 4 acres during June .
I am done water, soil testing and also consulted local agri officer who gave thumbs up for citrus cultivation .

Thanks & regards

Thanks for the reply guys…
      The soil is suitable for citric fruits …and climate is too hot during summer,and water is plenty as i am having two borewells of 5 hp and 7 hp
      the place is near gulbarga (karnataka)…guys were can i get good quality mosumbi and lemon trees near to
        my place Gulbarga even near to hyderabad i can purchase …