Need suggestion on below plantations

Hi All we need suggestion on plantation plan for July 2013 .

We had soil testing reports and soil is good for fruits like banana, lime category fruits, pomegranate and oil seeds  like groundnut .

Below is my plan for June 2013 along with justification for it .

Total area under plantation to be planned : 10 acres, 2 acres each for below fruits plantation .

Banana :          : Good returns in 12 months
Sweet lime    : returns after 3 years
Pomgranate :  returns after 3 to 4 years
Mango            :  returns after 3 years
Lemons          :  returns after 3 to 4 years.

Papaya          :  as intercrop with mango : returns 10-11 months :

Ground nut as intercrop with 8 acres : returns  less than 4 months : can have another round of groundnut in 6 acres except banana plot.

So ideally I can have income after 4 (ground nut), 8(ground nut) and 11(Papaya)  and 12 (Banana)  months.
In this way I will be able to have regular income .

I also need suggestion on which place in farm I need to plan each plantation.
My plan is as below .

Please make attached rough layout of land as reference. Red colored boundary show leveled piece of land .

West side towards river bed mangos, once they grow they will protect from sunlight and strong wind from west (Riverbed is almost 150+ feets deep from this side).
Eastern side (East --> west lines of plantation  )  I wanted to have Sweet lime, lemon, pomegranate etc .

Bananas I wanted to have in middle of farm so that it will have some protection from high wind. Also lush green bananas will attract wild animals if planted at boundary so wanted to avoid bananas at boundary.
Please let me know if above logic is correct . Also let me know any suggestions as per  vastu or also logical if need to make any specific changes in plantation location

Also please let me know above plantation plans looks feasible or I can concentrate on fewer may be one or two plantation .
I just wanted to diversify to get better returns and I really do not have any practical experience with any of these plantation .
Since many of esteemed members already have practical experience please suggest pros and cons of above plan and even a better approach you know .
I am not sure if this combination will be too much laborer  intensive and difficult to manage .

My intention is to generate good returns earlier and plan development of remaining 8 acres of land .
All your suggestion are welcome.
Thanks & regards,

Just Wanted to clarify, arrows in attached file shows the slope of the land .

I understand Pomagranate needs humid climate. The cold breeze from river side may affect this(I am not sure of this, check with any growers).

It is better to have entire land as intercrop (Pancharangini style-Bannur Krishanappa Model-Originally Palaekar style but we have example now from Krishnappa)

Are you going for checmical or organic or natural farming?
Why are you not planning for timber crops? You can have timber crops which avoids gusty wind and any airborne diseas

Ignore below if you are going for chemical farming
What is your plan for nitrogen fixing?
Onion or Grlic and Marigold and any dicot is a must to have bio harmony.
Why are you not considering Gliricidia or neem?
You must see how you can avoid running-off of humus on the surface. perhaps you can prepare steps and try to make pies of non slope land.

Hi. Again a complete new guy at this. Bur been reading a lot on plantations. What i understand from the size of land and your msg, that u want to have an economically viable plantation with varied points of cash inflow to make the plantation self sustained (money-wise). Have read this somewhere. Why not use the boundary for the plantation, ofcourse considering the wind direction.
Lets say you have the first lineup with the longest gestation , hardy plants that can take the outburst of wind, kind of wind breakers, Austrian teak ? I think it also grows very fast. and i know that no one eats the leaves, not even goats. Then the next level can be lets say Mango, then inside that Lime, followed by Poms. I understand u will need a demarcated place for the banana. You will serve 2 purpose, You are fortifying the boundary and then you have the center of the plot to grow veggies or something that will have a fast cash turnaround, evry 2 months or in some cases even 1 month.
Just another thought, the place marked for the house will look astonishing surrounded by huge trees, the place will look like something from a poetry don’t you think? Why dont u take the house near the river?
There is a lot of enthusiasm in my reply and far less expertise. So seniors may pls comment.

Hi Sri,
    I am inclined towards organic farming to reduce the input costs of farming activities.
I can plan for soybean also as intercrop which helps for nitrogen fixing I believe .
Onion is a good suggestion I will definitely think on it.
For entire boundary my plan is to have natural fencing with sagaragota and cocconut trees + neem trees on entire boundary of farm .
I will try to go through Krishnappa youtube videos and give a thought .
As of now the red coloured boundary land is leveled  and not much sloppy .

Remaining land is having higher slopes which needs long term planning and more funds, it is next step for me.

Timber plants I am really do not have idea, need to check feasibility of coconut or timber on boundary .

Thanks & regards,


Happy to see word "organic"
Having timber at fencing creats a natural wall for gusty wind which is indespensible for banana. Anyway it take 4-5 years to create this wall.

Hi Jack,
    thanks for reply. I do not have much idea about timber trees.  But I can think of it.
Regarding house, I beleive in Vastu and it does not allow it towards river, but my initial choice was same as yours.
Your logic of plantation looks good .


Dear PPB,

Why restricting yourselves to only 5 trees.  You can diversify more.

Take a look at my blog for Live Fence information.  You will get head start on this.

Padmanabhan Ganesan

Hi Padmanabhan,
    thanks a lot for your kind suggestion and a good pointer for fencing .
Initially we would like to work out with more known plantation and calculated risk . Expereince gained with this plantation will boost the confidence .