Need suggestion for plant cultivation

I bought 1/2 acre land before 5 years. Presently my relative sold all his trees in his garden(500 sqft) and earned 2 lakhs.
So I thought of growing trees in 1/2 acre land. As it is located far away from my place of living,I decided to plant trees.

1)Suggest me some trees varieties which can provide high profit after 10-20 years.

2)Among these which can provide me high profit at low maintenance for 10-20yrs tenure
  a)Teak b)melia dubia c)Mahogany d)white-teak(kumil trees) e)Sandalwood(has security issues* :astonished:)

Dear Sri Bharatram,

I have grown Tissue Teak plants , produced by M/s Mother Agri Biotech, Bengaluru in  Sadali village  of Sidlagatta taluk, Chikballapur District of Karnataka State. At the age of around 10 months they reached to a height of  above 20 ft with a girth of around 11 inches. You can make a visit and look.

In your 1/2 acre, around 220 Tc Teak plants  can be accommodated and you have to maintain for 6 months carefully with sufficient water and care. In around 8 to 10 years, you can cut and sell half plants and another 25 percent after 12 years.

Remaining 25% plants can be for ever in your land.

This is one option for absent farmers.

With best wishes,  g.p.Rao,  farmer

Ok… Some said Teak can’t be harvested in 10yrs and it would take 30 yrs to mature as full plant and melia dubia can be harvested in 10yrs…
any comments on this?

Dear Sri Bharatram,

I have clearly mentioned the farm address, where the said tissue teak plants are growing and by whom they are produced ie; Mother Agri Biotechs, Gollarahatti, Magadi road, Bengaluru.

Here I have to mention , that I am a farmer and only giving you my suggestions , got in my farming experience. Teak is different from Melia Dubia.

Teak plants of diffarent origins are available @ rs 1/_ to rs 225/_ each. At places they are distributed free of cost also. Growth also will be accordingly.

Melia Dubia are different plants and they got their own advantages/disadvantages. You can grow melia Dubia also in your farm.

Here once again , I advise our farm members to spend some time on visiting others farms to acquire good knowledge on specific plants. We can not have a thumb rule for all varieties.

You are welcome to ask our forum for day to day developments in Agri/horti. Teak is suggested to you as you said that you are an absent farmer. In teak,if you can arrange little attention for 3 to 6 months from day of plantation , you can enjoy it for more than 6 centuries.

With best wishes,    g.p.Rao,  farmer

Thanks for the info… I will try to visit your farm…