Need some guidance on a Nursery Set up

Hello all,

I am trying to set up a small shaded net Nursery to grow my sugar cane buds(all purpose nursery). i have no idea where to start. 

Please give me some guidelines.

i am planning to set up it in 25 cents land.

can i set up it in 25 cents ?? is it enough??.. if it is not enough i can expand it up to 50 cents.

how much it would cost me ? for 25 cents and 50 cents.

if i set up in 50 cents . will my establishment cost come down?  :stuck_out_tongue:

is government providing any subsidies?

Please give me some advises. please sir direct me in right direction

Thanks in advance,


hai pandu,

First confirm your shed model. I suggest model like arc.

Did you have chipping machine,I suggest you talk to the farmer who invented it. Here is Rosanlal Viswakarma no.09300724167.

He sells it for a good price too, below 1500/- only.

The cost of construction will vary with the model and material used.

I suggest you buy bamboo sticks and some support posts. I did see a bamboo model but not for shadenet. I see that the same model can adopted for shadenet too.

In my area bamboo costs 10-20/- per stick and it is the cheapest material available. I am yet to build one.

Your purpose of bud chipping is not mentioned here, if commercial scale or self fit to your/market size only.

If you can exploit vertical space, you can save some more.

All I can say now is that ARC model will be the best choice for any one living anywhere. This model will endure moderate-strong winds and setup for rainy season will be much easier to install.

I have a video with me, I will upload, if you want to.

hi sadhu,

thank you very much for providing valuable information. could you please post the video also.

i did inquire about the but chipping machine  please see the attachment.

i want to build the nursery for my own use. that is the primary reason.

is it possible to build it in 25 cents or 50 cents.

sir do u have any idea about the cost estimations? how much it costs.

other than bamboo what other options we have.

i want to build it for multi purpose 
Sugarcane Bud Chipper.pdf (148 KB)

You have to calculate the cost by urself. I cannot give u an estimate.

For easing ur rigidity, take this example.

I want to build a shed in Arc model with bamboo. Dimensions are 20x20.

I will use 6 side posts on both sides and 4 posts in the middle. These posts will be jam oil wood or subabul which ever is cheap. OK.

Now this shed is a square one. North facing will be good for this shed. So lower ends will east-west.

On the east side 6 side posts will come and minimum one bamboo for every foot lenght. So I will require nearly 20-24 bamboos for each side. round it to 50 for both sides. Now for vertical support there should be one bamboo for every 2 feet. for one side it will 5, for both sides 10. If you want extra support to the shed you can add some more bamboos and support posts to ensure the safety and durability of the shed.

There were other options, but if u choose Arc model, bamboo is cheap and best. If u decide on model then I can suggest something.

Shadenet will be Rs.20-25 per sq mtr, 50% or 60% is enough. Calculate as accorded with ur dimensions.

You said multi purpose, what are ur other purposes? 

I dont suggest one single shed in whole 25 cents. Go for multiple sheds instead.

If you can afford to go for professional help and consultancy, go for it for one shed in 25-50 cents.

All my suggestions are my personal experiences only, act accordingly. (351 KB)

hello sadhu sir… first i would like to thank you for sharing the valuable information. It is a great opportunity for me to learn from your experience and set up a base for my agriculture adventures.

i am planning my shed to grow ginger, sugar cane and some other flower plants.

your video gave me a rough idea(what to look, where to look). i have few more questions sir

are they coconut leaves you covered your shed with ?..

what is the durability (life time of a shed), if we use the bamboo?(i know it is much more cost efficient than other methods)

what are the other options(other than bamboo) we have ?

as it is a open shed, how you are  protect the plants from insects and high wind??

did you get enough sunlight ?

please share your valuable thoughts sir…

Thank you,

hai pandu,

Subabul (sarvi/sarugudu) is another option. It costs 9500/- per one tonn. For each 100 Kg it will be nearly 10-15 posts each 1 1/2 inches thick.

In the video , the shed is covered with tarpalin(plastic) sheets only. Durability is at question. May stand upto 6 months, its a guess.

I see you will cover the shed with shadenet. There were some kind of nets for shadenet sheds. They will protect your crop from insects and pests to some extent.

Sunlight is another issue. I have less experience regarding this area. All I know is that not all crops need same sunlight.
Ginger can grow under shade and may be flowers too love shade like gerbera and carnation.

Protection from Winds is not fool proof.

Cost is the main issue, I consider most. What I enlighted u with is cost effective and with moderate durability.

If you are planning for more than a year then go for other options like jam/subabul/Thati chettu/iron.

Do your best and hope for the best, seek some help from horticulture department too. They will guide you through setup and purchasing the raw material too.

Call me if any further queries 8179292466

Best of luck, keep posting your progress.