Need of Hybrid Plants & Trees

[b]Dear Members,

This is Gokul.s from Tumkur,we have farm 5acre land in kollegal, Karnataka.pls kindly help me …I am planning for hybrid maize or bajra to grow and also Hybrid Teak & rose wood in Border of the land.

Please help me getting the plants and also please tell me which best & also marketing of it.

Can Mini Tractor be bought @ cheap price…with subsidy in kollegal,Karnataka?[/b]

Is there No one experienced …?am surpurised none are helping.

You have already planned good, goahead. You can also go for Melia Dubia(hebbevu) because teak’s gestation is 30 years. Where as Melia dubia with good care can be cut at 8th year. Each tree will fect you 4K-6K depending on volume.

For plants see below links :for Banana TC all other plants.