Need Inputs Tamarind/Pomegranate Farming

Hi All,

I am into software and thinking of start investing (Money and Time) into cultivation. i bought 10 acres of land near my native place in AP. It is red soil and moderate water facility is available through bore well. i have send the soil for soil test and waiting for soil test results.

In 10 acres, I would like go for following multiple crops and would like to hear from experienced people mainly on pros & cons of these multiple crops…

5 acres - TAMARIND (PKM-1 variety)  - medium & long term returns
3 acres - PROMEGRANATE ( BHAGVA variety ) - medium term returns
2 acres – VEGITABLES – immediate returns 

Awaiting to here from experts comments and suggestions… thank you very much


You must ask specific questions.

a)Will quit job and start farming? or
b)will you have a resident labour and manage remotely?

with option a above you can do all you have planned.

with option b above, you can go for tamarind, but not other. Resident labour should be honest enough to manage all your crop, which is difficult now a days.

Thanks Sri for reply… i have my brother to take care at my native place ( 100% reliable ) and i visit the field once in a month for now…

my question is about actual returns on TAMARIND and PROMEGRANATE forming… looks like the returns on these are very good on paper atleast…i would like to now the REAL returns on these crops…


Tamarind will start yielding from 5-6 years commercial yield will be achived only at 10year.

Pomogranite see below link: … /#msg15465

There is a decent profits in Papaya,Banana,Drumstick also. All these needs less pesticide and lesser care than pomogranite.

What I heard is PKM-1 verity start yielding form 4th year and from 6th year on wards the yield would be around 50kg ( raw)/ tree… if we can sell Rs 20/Kg, we can expect 1000/- per tree… i am missing something?

May be you are right, I overlooked the veriety you mentioned. The veriety I mentioned is a local one(no specific name).

maa gold bhumiputra episode 103.

This farmer is into Organic Pomegrante farming in Anathapur area
May be it will help you.

I also want to start growing Pomegrante. Thanks for the feedback guys. Good luck to everyone.