Need information about malabar vepa or melia dubia

Hi My beloved formers,

My Father is also former and am planning to help my dad.

We are planning to cultivate Malabar vepa in telugu “Konda vepa” but i have questions about this firm, if possible could you explain me.

  1. Is there any state govt involvement in this like Tax payments, Permissions for crop sell?
  2. who will buy these trees after 6 years, we need to contact buyers or if provide information they come to firm for buying ?
  3. I heard that buyers will buy 6 years malabar tree just for 3000 rs, Is it true ? If not how much we can expect from  6 years tree ?
  4. If i plant trees in between Mango trees if there any problem for existing mango trees ?
  5. which type of malabar trees will give best wood ?

Thank you in advance…!!


With best wishes,    g.p.rao,      farmer

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Hello G.P Rao sir,

Thank you so much for your information.