Need Info on Karungalpalayam cattle market

hi all
i wanted informtion regarding karungalpalayam cattle market
distance from erode ?
how to reach from erode junction railway station?
what time market opens ?
thank you


K.G.Palayam is how commonly its called here locally.

Village is roughly around 6 to 7 kms from Erode junction. Ask for bus stand and from there its another 2kms to the market.

I have once visited long back before it was re-opened, they start as early as 5AM and close late noon. But not sure about the timing now. I advise you plan around 7AM as its scorching hot, out in these parts.

Hope this helps!



i had been to karungalpalayam cattle market
details of my observations
market location,77.7387963,234m/data=!3m1!1e3
cattles start to come in at 5 am
more than 500 cattles were present
most cattles were not "good"
i found only handful of cattles( about 15-20) that were worthy forĀ  modern dairy farming
prices ranged from 3000 rs to 100000
heifers various age
no teeth good build- 15-20 k
2 teeth good build 25-35k
2 teeth pregnant good build HF -75 k(due in 15 days )
1st lactation claimed yield 15-20 ltrs 70-80k
2nd lactation 15-20 60-70k
3rd lactation 55-65k

all the above mentioned prices were actual sale prices( i personally witnessed transactions)

cows which i liked
2 teeth 8 months pregnant : it was an ideal cow with all good charecters expected from cow
asked price was 90k sold price was 76k someone from chennai purchased it

4 teeth 2nd lactation claimed yield of 25l asked price was 100k sold price was 80k
cow was docile and good in nature

6 teeth 2nd lactation claimed yield 25l asked price 80k sold price 70 k

2 teeth heifer jersy moderate build asked price 65k
sold for 50k

i felt pricesĀ  were too high
coz i had purchsed a cow on april 4 in karnataka from a broker (cow was brought from this market)
i had paid 47k pregnant 4 teeth first it is yielding 16 ltrs/day

i will bw visiting next week also
will update