Need ideas for Paddy Cultivation on 60 Acres of land

Hi ~,
  we are group of friends who have acquired 100 acres of land  for agriculture in Odisha. In the first year we are planning to start Paddy in 60 acres. we are exploring what are best technologies (machinery) available in our country in which we can cultivate with maximum efficiency.
we are exploring in the following things:-

  1. Modern Equipments available for Paddy cultivation so that we need minimal non-skilled laborers.
  2. Deciding the variety of rice to cultivated so that we can have atleast 2 rice crops a year and which varieties yields more profit.
  3. what are the other crop option that can be cultivated when paddy season is over.
  4. Any pointer to agriculture consulting company, who can guide us though the whole process.

we would be happy if someone from this forum can help us in above queries. Thanks in adavance,

Growing paddy is like walking on a tight rope. I am not big paddy grower, I made a partnership for labour, our economics is paddy is not profitable we are at the break even. The left over grass is our profit.

You can us transplanter machine for harvester machines but to operate such machinery significant amount of skill is needed.

There are paddy specialists in Kerala contact person is Dr.Jaikumaran. 094475 30673, E-mail:
see below link … 715754.ece … -five-days

Here is a video on how they work. … RX92DbTvvw

See my comments inline.

Padmanabhan Ganesan

Thanks a lot Padmanabhan and Sri for your replies.

Can anyone share the business cost and profit so that we can calculate the return on Investment.
Like :

  1. No of skilled of skilled laborers needed per 60 acres who can use the modern equipment and their approximate monthly wages.
  2. No of non-skilled laborer needed for 60 acres per crop.
  3. Approximate yield of rice per acre per season.
  4. Approximate govt rate per quintal of rice.
  5. If we lease these equipment, what are the monthly/yearly lease charges?

Apart from this
Is it possible to grow Sona masuri or Basmati Rice in humid climate of Odisha?