Need Idea to start a business


This is Lokesh from Thiruvallur, Tamilnadu.

I have a farming land of 60 cents in Thirumazhisai near Poonamallee, chennai. need advice to start a business like farming. i was thinking about poultry. i have zero experience in any of farming but my father is good at farming.
and keep in mind the investment will not be more than 5 Lakhs.

Please suggest an idea with minimal investment and i dont want very big income out of it or  i should not get huge loss from it.


Lokesh. C

Logesh I think you should try country chicken farming since you are close to Chennai.
I would advise you to contact veterinary department in katupakam.

Thanks Mr. ein
I will contact the veterinary department for advice.

Hi Lokesh,

You can try any of the following:-

  1. Country Chicken - Free Range option
  2. Country Chicken - Cage Option if your land is not fenced properly
  3. Goat Rearing - 12 Goats in 1/2 acre
  4. Rabbit Farming
  5. Quail - Need is great…availability is less
  6. Vegetable Farming
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