Need help shifting from Chemical to natural Farming

hello everyone,

Recently, acquired 2.75 acres of land under lease. The land is chemically cultivated since 18 years. How to change/convert this land to a naturally farmable land? Last crop they sown is rice. I want to grow mainly vegetables and some millets according to seasons. I am looking for 100% natural remedies with faster results if possible. I want to straight away start farming as I want meet summer market which will give good returns.

I request our precious members to throw light on the issue.

Hi Sadhu,

Few things to consider…

  1. Expect low or average productivity while moving from chemical to organic farming during the first 3 years
  2. You can become fully organic and the productivity will be on the upward trend from the third year onwards
  3. You can start putting organic materials which are described in my blog (The information is quite huge)

thankq for your reply GANESANJI,

I visited your blog no. of times and got info. I am looking for a solid and authenticated action plan with step by step description.

With your knowledge can you provide a action plan/road map.

expecting more comments from your seniors.

thanking you,

Hello Sadhu,

Its nice that you wish to move from chemical to natural farming.

Contact Siva Prasad from Hyderabad who is a consultant for natural farming. He can guide you in your project. His contact no. 8686871048.