Need help in getting Gliricedia seeds/stumps


I am planning to grow Gliricedia plants in my farm borders to use their leaves for improving
organic content and nitrogen fixation in the soil. My farm is near Tirupathi in Andhra Pradesh. I am not able to
get hands on the seeds or stumps for Gliricedia in near by areas. Can anyone help me in finding out where I can buy these
seeds. If any one have the seeds and ready to sell I can pay for the courier charges also.

My contact number is 09884062217.



Here in my place agriculture and horticultre are giving glirucidea free of cost. They are promting it.

Check your nearest horti or KVK. In my opinion you must get it free of cost.

Dear Sri,

I have enquired the near by KVK at Tirupathi. But they don’t have any seeds or stumps. Can you do me favor of passing on some seeds if you have them with you.
I heard the seeds are produced in summer by the Gliricedia plants. I am planning to plant them by the time monsoon starts to take advantage of the rains.



Try in forest department nearby  for plants, they keep gliricidia, or subabul. In my place, KVK’s are not keeping but forest department is

Thanks Seshu. I will try with Forest Dept .

  • Surya