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Dear farm friends. I am new , joining your group with the hope of getting help as to how to develop a four acres of farm land out of which two acres already has mango trees, and the other two are to be cultivated as per Your Ideas! Yes ! I need new or old ideas to get the best out of it.! Plenty of water in both.

Any help extended will be welcomed. I must add that I am a very senior citizen, but got interested in organic farming only recently. Thanks a ton and all the best.

Ms Salma bala.

Are you looking for short term? If Yes, go for vegetables in an acre (Only if you have enough labour).

You can grow other fruit trees like Guava, Sapota etc.

Padmanabhan Ganesan


It depends on the what area you are in.
We suggest farmers to go for crops that can give high returns and have less maintenance.

We would suggest you to look for - Bamboo, turmeric and avocado cultivation. They are very easy to grow and you can earn 5-6L per acre per year without much efforts.

Moreover, you can also look at how to increase your mango yields so that you can earn good money from your existing fields. Go for soil testing and integrated nutrient management. That alone can increase your yields by more than 50%.

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BmDear sidhart
Much thanks. Avacado bamboo trees take a few years to grow. Ihave few vegt
patches but more for home use .besides i dont have a
Knowledgeable gardner couple.they know only about paddy. I tried
drumsticks but no good. My land is in keesra hyd. Plenty water
I think hi bred 3 /4 years fruit trees will help? Ssalma bala



Yes, fruits trees will help as they don’t need as much care as vegetable
crops. Both avocado and bamboo require less attention but will take 2-3
years before they start giving yields.

We support farmers with scientific techniques and can guide you since you
don’t have a good gardener working with you. You may contact us in case of
any issues.

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Sorry I am new user and I don’t know English so good how to question , but I have a question that I have moringa (drumstick) farming ,3 rd year of plantation and issue is about fruit production ,after flowering loats of beginning of fruits from flower looks like a nail of cat ,too many ,but not grown then and dried after some days ,growth not occur and dried please give me advice about that problem , plzz give me advise about right medicine for that , Thank you plzzzz

Hi Dharmendra,

We would suggest you to do soil testing immediately.
This will help you identify the exact problem that is happening at your drumstick farm.

You can contact LeanAgri -

They will help you in soil testing and identifying the problem at your farm.

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