Need help by expertise

  I am planning to start a dairy farm with  cow/buffalo say 10-12 animals. Can someone pls guide me for the follwoing things to get address before any investment

  1. type of animals and from where i can get it with assure milk limit /cow/buffalow.
  2. Assure customer like any near by processing unit or govt milk storing units who can collect the milk from farm directly.
  3. How can i assure fodder supply in all season to maintain the production.
  4. Dairyfarm/animals insurence .
  5. Manpower and veterinary professional as a consultant.
  6. central and state Govt subsidy scheme.

Location is near to DEOBAND, saharanpur UP
Budget is around 10-12lacs,

Dear Mr Ahmedrabi,

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We advise you to visit few Dairy farms nearby your area, as you are going to invest huge money. first of all, Pl go and meet your state govt Animal Husbandary officials and they can give you some progressive Dairy farmers addresses. Pl visit those farms, but at least 5 or 6 farms.

On visits, you can gain some practical knowledge  and some doubts also. After your visit, if some experts gives you clarifications, for your doubts ,you can easily  understand them.

with best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer

Dear Mr Ahmedrabi,

Most welcome to our forum,

Practically it is found that each 10 kg of weight of cattle required 1 kg of green fodder  & 6 to 8 kgs dry fodder and concentrates with respect to milk. you can plan accordingly as per available land different fodders having different yield. you must check with nearest KVK as well. i suggest you a fodder of Mott best for high quality of milk.