Need guidance - Utensils for a new organic dairy farm

Warm wishes for a healthy and happy 2014 for all Farmfest members,

To introduce myself, I am an expatriate resident in Abu Dhabi - my home is Trichur Kerala, we have a 2.15 acre land in the banks of a canal and I want to make an integrated farm using ZBNF methods and totally going desi way, (no chemical fertilisers or insectisides)
1.  20 Capacity dairy with auto-water facility - intended for desi cows (Preferably Ghir); currently has  four 1.5 year four calves (1 HF, 1 Ghir, 2 Kankeyam)- 7 more Ghir cows to be procured in Feb 2014
2.  1 Goat - two year old, non-milking impregrated; plans to purchase 4 more
3.  30 poulry - egg rearing
4  10 Ducklings - 8 months old
5  A 6 cubic capacity biogas plant where the waste of all animals are treated and slurry is pumped to our farmland that has feeder-grass for cows, coconut, arecanut, nutmet, banana, cashewnut, mango and other fruit bearing plants. 

Since I am a novice, in the field, would kindly request guidelines from experienced hands in:

a)  Suitable utensils/machines (milking machines, pressure-wash any other labour reducing devices)
b)  Advice in relation to impregnation;
c)  Preventive medication against major diseases
d) Any labour saving devices that I can procure from UAE

I intend to retire by 2014 and become a full-fledged farmer. I have done a dairy conducted by MILMA, and need to learn much more.  I also wanted to utilise Solar energy if economically possible instead of Kerala State Electricity.

All ideas are welcome.

Many thanks.

Jayan KG
Abu Dhabi - Off +971-2-406 7222  M +971-56 340 3135; +971-52 6448199
India Res 91-480 288 5185; M +91 949 777 3799 

Hi Jayan,
i have recently visited Oxygen Acres in Mysore. it was really enlightening to see a software engineer transform the dairy business in india through organic farming. check - … -freshness
He should be able to guide you

Wow… the place looks fantastic and the e-mail design, unbelievable!!!

Though I want to be there (may be after 10-15 years), I would like to visit; I will plan for a visit soon. Thanks a lot Levine, but for you I would not have known such a place existed. Thanks. Jayan