Need Expert Agri Partners for Vegetable/Shadenet Farming

I have 4 acres of land near Mysore, with borewell, fencing, electricity, labour cottage. I would like to cultivate vegetables with shadenet. Looking for agents/partners to handle the project jointly. Please let me know if anyone would like to join hands.


Interesting–Wht kind of involvement you are looking at in terms of partnering ?

P N Subramanian

Hi Subramanian,

Thanks for your reply.

I have around 3.5 acres of farmland near Mysore, I need some helping hands to grow Horticulture crops in my land. I am looking for a supervisor who has good experience in farming and looking for a family who can stay in the labour cottage/house and take care of farming activities. I will pay some amount to the Supervisor who can supervise farming work from growing till marketing, I will pay salary and a bonus as well. Also, I will pay monthly salary to labour family. Please let me know if you know anyone from Mysore willing to such work.

I have farming background and right now I will not be able to spend full time in Mysore for next few months as I will be roaming around different cities with work.


Thanks–If I come across a family I will get back–Will check with a Friend

I need a family in Kanchi about 18 Kms from Kanchi–Do you know anyone ?