Need Consultant / Advice for converting pastureland for Timber plantation

Dear Seniors & Experts

I am an IT professional, living in Germany, we have about 50 acres of land in Tiruppur district, Tamilnadu, 15 acres are used for cultivation crops like sunflower, cotton, corn etc, remaining 35 acres are pastureland, we are thinking of planting timber and fruit trees and multilayer live fences in the pastureland. Currently we have leased out these land to few people.

Pastureland never been used for cultivation; it is used for grazing cattle, sheep and goat. The land is maintained naturally without any artificial fertilizer except dung of the animal left in the field while grazing.

Soil Condition: The soil is neither red nor black, may be shallow red soil, we will conduct soil test to understand soil profile.

Rain: Annual rainfall is about 700mm it varies 30 % (high / low), Rain water is blocked within the land, there is no pond and no rain water harvesting, excess water flows to the stream next to the land.

Water: we have bore wells about 300 feet depth; it is being used for domestic purpose and cattle, sheep and goat’s requirement. Some time we have water scarcity though bore well was supporting us so far.

Can you please suggest us the trees that can be plant, we are looking for 7 + years for timber tree, and fruit tress, any suggestion for multi layer live fence design and type of tree can be used, drip irrigation design.

We are ok to hire a consultant who can help us on this.

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Dear Mr Padmanabhan

Your blog is super !! though I have not read it completely but it is very interesting and informative. thanks for your kindness to share your knowledge to freshers like me.

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