**Need collaboration of experts for managing organic farm activities**

Need collaboration of experts for managing organic farm activities

I have 7 acre farm near Satara , Maharashtra. I have planned following projects for which required infra structure is ready. To run and expand these projects and I need expertise.Pl contact me Sharad Talwalkar, whatsap No.9766397500, Email ID svtalwalkar@yahoo.com.

  • Indian Cow Goshala: Have Cow Shed to accommodate 16 cows,bio gas plant,fodder cutting machine, shredder,500 sq.ft open shed, cow urine collection system,distillation plant ,20 gunthe green fodder plantation etc.
  • Vermicompost : 10 vermi composting bags, ample raw material.
  • Pazar Talav/Fish Pond: 22+gunthe area with ample water.
  • Processing Fruits: 2300 fruit trees such as Mango,Chikkoo, Coconut, Lemon…many. Scope for additional plantation and inter crop like ginger, turmeric, soybean , ground nut, rice ,vegetables etc Ample water available. Strictly following organic practice since beginning.
  • Manufacturing Beelamrut, Jivamrut, Dahsparni Ark etc: Ample raw material, manufacturing equipment available.
  • Honey Bee: Starting one box per guntha can increase gradually.
  • Generating Solar Energy: Can install solar panels on 2000 sq.ft available roof top plus Pazar talav (fish pond) of 22000+sq.ft area.

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