Need Assistance on Cultivation of Capsicum in Green House

Dear All,

This is my first post as I am relatively new to this field. I am writing this post to sought assistance from you on ‘GROWING CAPSICUM IN GREEN HOUSE’.

I am an engineer by profession looking to venture into the field of Green House farming in Uttarakhand region. Since , I am a novice in this field I seek some expert assistance from the members of this forums. Some of my immediate concerns are:

  1. What are the favorable climatic conditions for growing capsicums.
  2. Which period of the year is most suitable for growing them.
  3. What is the expected life cycle of the crop.
  4. Demand of capsicum in the Indian market & how should I sell my product.
  5. How much production can I expect from 1 acre of Land in an year.

Requesting you to kindly help me with all the above questions so that I can proceed forward.

Thanks & Regards,

Archit Mahajan

Dear Archit

Welcome to FN

Please follow the below link as this thread is by far the most active discussing capsicum farming under polyhouse. … ouse-2552/

Also Uttrakand due to the natural climate and altitude should be very conducive for farming as such, but caution should be excersied to avoid damage during rainfall as it pours big time isn’t it.

Regarding your queries there are super experts here who am sure will help you take baby steps :slight_smile:


Dear Sir,

Thanks alot for your help. The post is indeed very informative for freshers like me. Hope to further increase my knowledge about varied aspects of farming through this site.