Need advise papaya

good day
            we need help regarding papaya in the phillipines
      our plants are now 51/2 months our crop is not even 50% most plants dont have fruit each month we have it inspected and reveiwed
      we have approxamatly 30% male 70% female ! flowers are in most part are not producing fruit the plants flower then they fall we have been told that i could be fertilizer issue the plants that fruit have 15 to 20 fruit  we are nearly at the end of the wet season

Dear refrm,

we welcome you to the you are not mentioned the type of papaya plant name & type of Soil, I suggest you that it is good for you to consult any horticulture department near to your location. different countries produce different type of fertilizer & pest with there different names. being a indian we can not give you the right solution. check any horticulture consultant he will vist your farm & give you the right solution on nominal charge per visit follow his instruction. hope you will come out with situation.

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