Need advice on Maize cultivation with drip irrigation

Dear All,

I am planing to cultivate hybrid Maize with drip irrigation 7.5 acars (high density planting (paired rows) 33 to 38k per acara). Request you to share your maize cultivation practices, Best seeds companies for Karif, Fertilisers dose and pesticides.

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Hi Vijay,

The concern with drip is while removing weeds periodically. If it is manual weeding, I guess it will not pose any issue. But if you are planning to remove weeds using pair of bullocks, then you need be little cautious to remove drip (additional cost to wind and unwind using manual labour) and then undertake weeding operations else the oxen will stamp the drip laterals and may damage. And you will have to invest quite a lot on drip laterals because the spacing between rows is usually 1.5 feet and you will have to preserve the laterals in good working condition for at least 4 crop cycles to recover the investment.
It is my personal opinion. Do consult other forum experts for alternative approach.