Natural farming workshop at hyderabad by sri subhash palekarji

Natural farming :- Great opportunity for everyone ,especially for the youth to enrich themselves and the country , there is a scope that you can earn upto 3 - 6 lakhs per acre , the produce is chemical free , no greenhouse gases , no pollution . Spot Reg fees Rs.200/- at the venue 7am sharp. Breakfast & Lunch arranged for both the days.
Sri Shubhash Palekar ji Classes in HYDERABAD.
Dates: April 27 & 28 (sat & sun)
Venue: Venkatram Reddy function hall, opp Emerald Sweet shop, Lower Tankbund, Hyderabad
Please register: 040-27635867 (Harish)

Having attended Palekar Ji’s workshop in the past, I highly recommended this – even if you have to travel great distance, or have to cancel prior engagements, it’s worth it. Actually worth several times the fees being charged. Invaluable.

Dear Sarath,

Pls let us know if any such events are planned in near future in Hyd/ elsewhere, thanks !



Please take a look at all below website for events on ZBNF workshop by Mr. Palekar. 

palekarzerobudgetspiritualfa … vents.aspx

I see that dates mentioned in sarathpendekanti’s message clash with a workshop scheduled in Maharashtra.  Do confirm the dates before planning, especially those who are going to travel long distances to Hyderabad.

One can’t miss this opportunity, specially if you are living around Hyderabad. I am going for it.

Hi Sekhar,

This is thread from 2013.
I don’t think there is any workshop announced at Hyderabad in near future.