National Land reforms Panel … 940156.cms

Are our so called intelligent people becoming blinded?

1).Already in India, we have smallest average land holding size, making any mechanization unfeasible.
2).Small Farmers are loosing interest in farming because of ihigher input costs and lower returns , and lack of support pricing for farm produce.
3).Manpower is not available to the farm sector because of lazyness inducing govt policies and schemes
4).Govt Supports a manufacturing industry to have 1000’s of acres but not an agriculturist.Despite the fact that India was and is a agrobased economy.

Already we have started importing food grains and fruits … and looks like govt is driving the country towards importing every thing from Africa or other countries and so Indian living will be dictated by the Foreign Exchange just like we are facing in Oil sector.

Not sure if my concerns are legitimate.

Looks a retrograde step. This will essentially mean no farmer can aspire to treat agriculture as a scalable business.

Incredibly retrograde indeed. Looks like we underestimate the ability of our policy makers to screw things up.

agriculture is an activity not needed by any countrymen in bharat. this is the attitude due to globalisation.
the days will be not far as all the so called luxuries will be deserted by the people as there will be no food. already there is no water at all for all such luxurious life in cities. water is imported in bottles, which may not be known to many.
the acute food scarcity is not far off.
suffering due to high luxury will be the common scene.