Nandi Krushi Online e commerce platform for natural farmers / organic stores / organic restaurant

Today its difficult for natural farmers to sell their products as they cannot find target customer who can pay premium to their produce or even if they find, reaching them is not practical due to logistics

On the other hand, organic stores cannot find natural farmers / organic produce though they have consumers

Nandi Krushi platform registers farmers based on their location / pincode

Consumers / Organic store owners can search around their city/town .

They can get farmer contact numbers after registering.

New farmers can get info of experience farmers in their vicinity

If any of you any questions please feel free to reach me ( 9989007593)



For any organic business the right way would be to have a disclaimer … People in general think organic means without pesticides , inorganic fertilisers etc . The buying public have the right to know that pesticides and insecticides are allowed under organic farming


People believe there are organic fertilizers and organic pesticides which are need to be approved by organic certification authority