My lemon plant is 5 years old but it is Not growing

My lemon plant is 5 years old but it is Not growing. its height is only 2 feet some branch is dry and 80% of leaf is fall down but plant is still alive this condition is still from 3 years. no flowers comes and no growth display in this plant what treatment should give to this plant. Please help.

This can happen only in below cases

1.Not enough water and nutrients: Use compost 1 basket and 10Kg of neem cake  with pseudomonas fluorescens and azospirillum.
2.Rats are burrowing and cutting down roots: Inspect burrows, control rat menace. how to do it? see here … /#msg12752
3.The soil is saline or too acidic : Have your soil tested and check for EC it should be less than 2
4.There is a rock or gravelly soil which is ristricting root growth: No point of return.

Please post couple of pictures of soil,leaf, stems etc.

They definitely need full sun and citrus fertilizer. I had problems growing a Meyer lemon (also known as the Mexican leon) in a large concrete planter…it kept getting white flies. They do best in full sun - they are a heat loving and sun loving plant.