My Ads are not activated?

I am Farm Consultant for several Posts made by the Members.

I have posted some adds in under Adds category.
The adds posted by me are not activated.

The reasons there for are not Known.
Kindly enlighten us the reasons for not activating our Adds.

We see only one ad which is not activated with title “Gold Harvest No Maintenance Melia Dubia Plantation Boon to the Absentee Farmers Hyderabad”

This is the exact duplicate of … rmers_1280

Duplicate ads are blocked automatically or manually on the system. If you have posted other ads that have been blocked please let us know the ad numbers (present at the end of the url/link like 1280 above).

Thank you Sir,

I have Posted same add  under various Categories as is  being Posted by other Advertisers. Sorry for the Inconvenience. Any way plese activate at least ONE Add under "Farm Inputs " Category.

This one is active: … rmers_1280

You can login and move it to a different category if you prefer.