Muskmelon insect pest - can anyone identify?


Here is an insect pest that has devastated my muskmelon crop several times now.
This white grub eats up the roots and bores the stem causing death of all plants.

This however does not look line the melon vine borer - the vine borer seems to have a clearly marked brown head while this one doesn’t.
Also does not exactly look like the grub of cucumber beetle, but I almost believe this is the offender in question.

Any thoughts appreciated, thanks.


I also saw this in my melon field last year. I could not identify the pest - in my opinion they are the larva of fruit fly who enter plant from root zone. I have applied cloro (as advised by knownyou people) and after that it was controlled.


Thanks Joy, I can vouch it is not fruit fly larvae since fruit fly larvae infest the flesh of the  fruits than the roots. I have been researching further and feel stronger these are cucurbit beetle larvae.

I can’t use chloro since I do not apply chemical pesticides. Trying neem and Beauveria bassiana for now.