Multiple Millets in 3-4 acres


I’m planning to start Millets cultivation in 3-4 acres starting January 2014. I wish to know if there is any specific combination of millet varieties that I have to choose if cultivating them in nearby areas, to avoid cross pollination. I’m interested to sow (Kuthiravali (Barnyard), Varagu (Kodo), Saamai (Little), Panivaragu (Proso) and Ragi (Finger) millets in my land.

I wish to know of the pest control techniques to follow and also the precautions to be ensured before and after sowing.

If some one can also provide with seed grains for these millets it would be of great help. Thanks.

Deepak Prasanna S

Hi Deepak Prasanna,

I have posted the complete details related to this in my blog under Links Section… You should be able to download the entire doc from TNAU.  Please note that it is a huge document.

Dear Sir

Thank you for the extensive document on Millets and other crop cultivation. Being very primitive in knowledge with Agriculture and cultivation of millets, this is really a huge knowledge base. But being an aspirant with the Organic/traditional farming methodologies, I was looking for help on that side.

Still I value your reply and thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Deepak Prasanna S