Multilevel Orchard - ZBNF way

Hi all,
After reading and going through numerous topics, discussions, blogs all around, I seem to have developed a fascination for Palekarjis ZBNF method. Attached is a plan which i have in mind, and have started to action it already.  The plan gives basics about the Palekar model, the capital investment needed, running expenses, profit / loss etc… It will be great if you can look at the plan and suggest if my assumptions, costing etc seems ok ?

5 Level Orchard Plan.pdf (544 KB)

Any comments from senior members ??

Consider planting some short term seasonal crops like cereals, millets, pulses, vegetables, etc. Refer the attached plan.

This will ensure that you are not in negative even in the first year.

Hi Parag,

On the 1st line,

You can also add Chillies and Marigold in between the saplings. These are short term crops.

Next You can add Banana to the second line. You can also plan for Tur in between such lines.

In between 1st and second above, You can have two lines of Turmeric/Ginger towards each of the line.

Add a trench in between above two lines and broadcast combination Cowpea, Horsegram, Mustard, Nachni, Bajri.

Aim is to improve the C:N ratio. Do not forget Jeevamrut applications.

Have you attended any of sessions by Mr. Palekar? I advice, you should.

Feel free to reach me if you have any questions.

Shri parag
Can you give total quantity of water required for this 5 layer layout daily or weekly ? It will be helpful to me