Multi bloom technology in Black/Green Gram

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I am planning to cultivate Black and green gram as summer crop. Can the experts suggest me if its right time (Summer crop - March-Apr-May).

Area : 4 acers
Region : Near Hyderabad, Telangana

I have came across this Multi bloom technology in Black/Green Gram. Has any one tried this ?

Please share your experience.

“Multi bloom technology A special technology being practiced in Pattukottai block of Tanjore district for blackgram and greengram. The soil is alluvial and rich in organic matter and nutrients.
The crop is sown during early summer (Jan.-Feb.) as normal crop and fertilizer is applied as per the recommendation for irrigated crop. In addition to that, top dressing of Nitrogen is done with an extra dose of 25 to 30 kg through urea.
Since pulses are indeterminate growth habit and continue to produce new flashes the top dressing will be done on 40-45 days after sowing.
The crop complete its first flesh of matured pods during 60-65th day, further their second new flesh within 20-25 days. Therefore two fleshes of pods can be harvested at a time within the duration of 100 days.”

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Venu Kulkarni

Can you please share more details about this.