Mulching for orchards

Is jute cloth a good alternative to plastic film for use as mulching material in high density mango orchard?
Has anyone tried this and any drawbacks that one needs to watch for.

If it is not degreaded it is not advisable. during degradation nitrogen from soil is consumed, plants will have deficit of nitrogen.

We have some post on the forum, a member suggested degraded woven mat which is economical also. please search, i will also see what can be found.

Jute would degrade, wouldn’t it Sri?

By the way, are these alternatives easily available?

Yes. if celulose and lignin are in in original form they consume nitrogen from soil while degrading.

Surprised! it is your own thread … 4/#msg9154

Thank you Sri
Yes i had asked about this a while back and based on the suggestions we do have a cover crop of horse gram or green gram which works very well in controlling weeds and adding to the soil fertility. But near the plant - in the basin area - we leave it bare. We did try green cover but some crops like horse gram grows like a creeper and climbs up the 20 month old mango plants and it is a laborious task entangling them from the plant.
That is why I was looking for alternatives and came across jute cloth.Thanks for your inputs on need to check about degraded jute. Will discuss with manufacturer and see if it can work

Chandra - yes this is available in 1 mt width at prices ranging from 13-22 Rs a mtr depending on thickness in Chennai

No. My answer was fabric that degrades.

OK try this for rates and more info. Dont look at the topic of the thread, look at the posts by member venkataus … 3/#msg7523

I have neither used this nor seen. You need checkout in small quantities first.

Thanks again Sri,
Will try a small stretch and see how it works.