Mulbery as inter cropping and Mango as main crop

  Planning to cultivate mango as main crop with ZBNF method said by Palekar. Mango will be planted as per the high density model with distance of 10ft X 10ft. Along with Mango, would like to go for pomegranate+drum stick+pigeon pea.
    Along with this I would like to  cultivate Mulberry as inter cropping because  it is having good demand these days. I am not sure whether it  will be symbiotic crop for Mango. Has anyone done this kind of inter cropping? I would like to hear suggestions from our network whether it is feasible or not


Mango should not be watered from flowering till fruit harvesting. the fruit sweetness comes down. Mulberry needs watering twice a week to once  week depending upon soil. I dont hink this would be a good option.

Other than this rest of the crops you selected are good dry crops.  You can go for alfalfa(in rainy season)and Brown top millet(in dry season)

Doublecheck with your local farmers for Pomogranite, it is highly affected by bacterial blight. There is no effective cure for this till today.

Istead of this Arka sahan(90%) and Balnagar verity(10%) sitaphal is better. See more info about arka sahan in below … /#msg10189

Hi Sri,
    Thanks for saying the cons with mulberry+mango cultivation. But  I would like to take one more opinion of yours on the same. I think Mango orchid start giving good crop only after 3-4 years. Till then can we have this mulberry. Why I am insisting on mulberry is, it gives good returns like 30-40k for every three months by maintaining  one shed and this helps in sustaining till that period. Can I am plan separate drip for mulberry as sericulture department provides upto 90% subsidy on dripper?
    I am biased for this plan  for sustainability . Please guide me with pros and cons with this plan.

Regarding Pomegranate , I will replace with custard apple.


The commercial yiled for mango starts from 5-6 years. 

For subsidy part, you must follow thier guidlines of spacing mullberry. check with sericulture officials before doing it.

Are you full a time farmer? if not it is difficult to maintain with labour. if you are planning to lease your land for mulberry you will not get so much money. In my locality it 5K/acre for one crop(irrigated land).

Please attend training before going for sericulture.

Thanks Sri for your valuable inputs. I am not a full time farmer , but I own 4 acres of irrigated land where me and brother-in-law(full time farmer) will be doing this. I will gather all the information from sericulture department and proceed before implementing this and will update on this thread.