Mud water from bore well

Hi Sir,

We have constructed a new bore in my home and dig 230 feet. We are using 1.5 hp submersible motor at 100 feet. We didn’t use any gravel/chips…I think we don’t have any choice to pour the gravel now as the hole already settled with pipe.
We are running the bore well from last 3 months. My worry is, from the day 1 we are getting only mud (Heavy mud / Full brown color) water from the bore well even we run the motor continuously… Is there any solution for this… if so how could we resolve this problem.


May we know the geological formation of your area

Please let us know the location

May be the water need to be processed after pumping

Store in a sufficiently large tank and allow mud to settle

Clean water may be pumped into another tank for use

Settlement can be quicken with the use of organic (‘thethankottai’ in Tamil) or alum ( needs to check portability of alum treated water)

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