Moringa problems

Dear members,

My moringas are 1 year old and are in flowering stage. Its odc and irrigation pattern is furrow. Currently i am using ammonium sulphate and potash every 20 days via pocket manuring.
Giving 0-52-34 every 10 days via drenching.
Using lemda cylothrin every 20 days
Using nitrobenzene with planofix every 25 days.
The challenges i am facing are
The lower branches of the tree were damaged and they have not grown.
Flowering to fruit ratio is also very low.
What should i do to get more branching and good fruit setting.
I am attaching photos also.

Dear Lokendra,

Take opinion from experts on:

  1. Plant-to-plant distance
  2. Ploughing the field during flowering stage(root damage)
  3. Current climate suitability for moringa
  4. Pruning intervals for ODC.
  5. Normal first yield characteristics of ODC variety.
  6. Soil type appears to be black (limitations of this type of soil to expected yield)

All the best.
Guru Prasad

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Thanks Guru sir for your reply. Yes u are very true i should get in touch with an expert so please requesting your contact details.