Moringa Pkm1 vs ODC

sibi, you are correct, commercial cultivation of drumstick is not a profitable business in Tamilnadu, Kerala ,south Andra and south Karnadaka…

Plants are performed very well and we got abundant yield but we failed in marketing. 80 percent of our yield we got in March, April and August, september season, we could managed to get less than 10 rs per kg. (7 rs is the expenditure on the day of harvest)…

We could not get off seasonal yield which is between November to Februry, we tried a lot in the lost 4 years to get yield in November to Februry but the nature was against us. Finally we understand one can not work against nature.

Finally we understood, commercial cultication of moringa in south india is not a wise idea, so we planted coconut in all around the moringa filed and made moringa as a intercrop of coconut. Only Five acres we kept moringa as main crop to do our R&D work to get off seasonal yield.

No we have planed to culitvate moringa in Gujarat, all work is done, we may start our sowing in the month of April in Gujart. This year we started buying moringa pods from maharastra and Gujarat from November to Januvary, we have never given less than 40 rs in their farm gate. The mid of Deccember , two days the rate was 120 rs per kg.

Maharashtra and Gujarat farmers are getting production in November , December, januvary and Februry and these 4 month the rare is 40 rs to 120 rs. but we the tamil nadu farmers geting yield in March and April , rate is just 5 rs to 12 rs…

Gentle man, how PKM1 and ODC are same? PKM 1 is a annuval variety launched by Periya Kulam Agricultrue university which give good yield maximum 3 years but ODC is a intigious perennialvariety which surveys 15 to 20 years…

For your information , let me tell what is PKM1 variety?
PKM1 is a pureline selection developed by continuous selfing for six generations, collected from Eppothumvendran of Tirunelveli region of Tamilnadu. It was released in the year 1989 but ODC is a intigious perennial variety there is no such data collection. If you want to see the different of both the variety please visit our farm, you are most welcome… but we do not have PKM1 now in our farm.

it is misleading factor. The veriety who has introduced have informed that ODC and PKM-1 are one and the same. The man introduced ODC has providing Quality selected seed of PKM-1 by naming this veriety of his village. But however PAVM of Alagarswamy is a Perinnial Veriety please.

Cost of Alagari moringa sapling variety .

If nobody is doing drumstck cultivation in your near by area then please do not do in larger area, do in smaller area and study the plants at least one year. After that you plant about big…

We collect seeds from only high performed plants, so we had very limited seeds, that also got over 8 months back… now our next batch may come after april. you call us after april.

PKM1 is a annual variety which does not give good production after 3 years but ODC is a indigenous Perennial variety which survey more than 15 years. You please do not mislead the public with half knowledge.

I am growing PKM1 variety near chikbalapur (near Bangalore). The major yield is in March - May season and this year there is a heavy influx of Drumsticks from Tamilnadu as per the market traders. The selling price last Saturday was down to Rs. 12. This is the lowest price i have sold at . The same time period last year we sold at 45 - 50.

I have spoken to a farmer who started pruning in Mid March and he is of the opinion that this will allow him to get the flowers by June and will be able to sell the pods at a better rate.

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Dear Friends,
My name is Ramakrishna Rao from Hyderabad. I need 50 kg ODC3 Moringa seed , can any one please help me sourcing. Also I need sweet tamarind seed and Hybrid verity tamarind seed.

We can supply PKM-1 seed

Dear sir

Kindly let me know the price and details about the moringa PKM 1


    April 24

Dear sir

Kindly let me know the price and details about the moringa PKM 1

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    April 24

We can supply PKM-1 seed

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I am from from kolar district karnataka I bought about 250g of ODC3 seeds through amazon last week … I have a question that in my area drumstick flowers dropping down during winter means from October month upto Feb … so is odc variety can fetch flowers in this season or what I have to do get glowering during October month… I am planning plant in next month means in feb 2020

There are so many sellers are selling ODC3 seeds in amazon, first you check where you have brought from us , because we do not have 250 grms package… Kolar district of karnadakar doesn’t suit for drumstick cultivation commercially , please do not do that… you get monsoon in October December, so you get yield in march , april that time that market rate would be very less.

No drumstick variety in the world
fetch flower in rainy season, the only option to get flower in October and December , change your cultivation area to where the North East monsoon does not occurred such as North Karnadaka, Telangana , Maharashtra and Gujarat…

ODC is nothing but PKM -1 . This seller is making another Brand Name with his Village Name where more Farmers are there Growing Moringa. This seller is make Fake Postings with Graphics in Amazon.

We can provide Best Quality PKM-1 Seed and ODC is nothing but PKM -1

We can supply Best Quality PKM-1 seed at Rs.2200/Kg.

I am doing Dragon fruit farming in Hyderabad can i go for intercropping of Drumstick is it advisable

I’m looking for ODC3 seeds for cultivation purposes in North Karnataka. Mob: 9980557888. Can u provide details please?

Want to try in 1 acre first and study for a year. Afterwards, would like to expand in the remaining 5-6 acres.

I wanna know what is better between ODC 3 and KDM 01 can you please tell me about it