Moringa leaf powder wanted

If anybody is producing Moringa leaf powder and  looking for market ,kindly respond 

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Quite of few in my circle are growing moringa. Is there a viable market since lots of labour involved to arrive at a meaningful price.
If you or anybody has some idea please let us know. For me: i tried to dry under the sun but powdering would require machinery.
Plucking a kilo would require quite a bit of labour. So am not sure if the costs can be recovered. If it makes business sense even a little
bit am interested and can pull in quite a few folks who are growing moringa in larger scale.

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The market for Moringa leaf powder is quite immense in our country as well as foreign countries .Few of the person in western part of TN are producing Moringa leaf powder and exporting to overseas market …
The drawback  here is that our farmers do not know the right production technology to harvest more yield . The leaves need curing in solar drier , not under direct sun .

There’s a company in Ahmedabad that makes moringa leaf powder (in bulk quantities)

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You can find a project report for manufacturing Moringa Leaf powder at: … tails/5962

Approximate cost of the project is about Rs 1 Crore.

Dear forum,

Can anyone very briefly throw some light at this point on the minimum costs involved in setting up solar drier (of low to medium capacity say to produce 50 to 100 tons powder) , any electricity requirements for the machinery involved(I doubt if it is required), space requirements, acreage required for producing up to 100 tons?

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Yes we lack information on the production and efficient harvesting.

Ramu Sir,

Can you throw as much information out in the open for public use? I saw the project report, says 94.00 lakhs capital investment which is not
possible for most folks.


Dear Guru,

There are various types of solar dryers available with main difference being how the air is convected i.e is it naturally circulated or forced to circulate and also based on the type of insulation & collector materials. These could also have electricity as supplement to be used during non-solar or rainy days.

The above factors determine the longevity, efficiency & cost of the dryer.

Cost for 100 tons would be approximately Rs.3 lakhs to Rs.6 lakhs depending on the type & the technology.

Space required would vary as these systems we supply are standalone as well as manifold type also. If you are opting for one have it customized & designed as per space available.

Hope this helps!


Saravana Kumar

Dear forum,

I would like to share one of my observations of moringa cultivation:
Though I did not notice any major diseases in moringa, during every cycle (6 months), my moringa plants were severely attacked by leaf eating pests causing 70 to 90 percent damage to foliage. I would say the time taken for the entire damage to foliage, catastrophic in nature, is approximately only a week and you see only the skeleton thereon. This I personally feel would be the major challenge in leaf production.

Since moringa leaf powder is solely used as food supplement and that too majorly for exports, I believe the market is quite specific for the powder to be pesticide/chemical free. My question in this regard is how we can undertake commercially viable large scale organic production of moringa leaf (say in 5 to 10 acres high density plantation) under the circumstances mentioned above.

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Yes moringa leaf powder is exported as health supplement because of its nutritional values and hence needs to be ensured its not contaminated.

Few drying techniques followed are;

A)Washing the leaves in saline solution before drying
B)Drying temperature kept around 50 to 55C
C)Moisture of dried leaves should be less than 10%
D)Air tight packaging of powder
E)Proper milling procedures to ensure fine powder and not coarse

Once the leaves are dried mould free and powder is packed appropriately i do not see why these cant be marketed when there is enough selling scope.

As Guru has pointed getting healthy & chemical free leaves to the drying stage would be challenging, and as Vinay pointed plucking the leaves would be laborious.


Saravana Kumar

Is it possible to cultivate Moringa PKM1 in Meerut Uttar pradesh

Am from Pondicherry, We make Moringa Leaf Powder, dried in Solar dryer.
94437 29296

If it is Organic certified. We do have a market for it in the USA. I would be interested in a buyback if they are certified.


dear Ramu sir please give me your mobile numbar i need your guid for miringa caltivation in rajastahn

i need mobile numbar of RAMU sir if have any one please send me on my email id or whatsup 00966553275980

i need solar drair please send me specification and qutation asap

Hi Mr Ramuji I am growing organic Moringa at our farm near Hyderabad.plz let me know your requirement of dried Moringa leaf plz call me or text me your mobile number on 9652040401.

Yes ,we r farming mornings leaves but not converting in powder,
Please quote what price we can get,what about transportation cost etc.

During my stay in West Africa, I observed lot of demand for Moringa powder. They are using it like herbal tea and selling it small pouch. But what is the scenario in India, market for Moringa leaf powder, I have doubt.
Sharad Pant

Can you recommend any manufacturer cum supplier of moringa powder / Capsules/ Tablets.
We are looking for organic health supplements.