Moringa intercropping with sugarcane and Turmeric any experience?

Dear All,

I have 2 questions regarding Intercropping

  1. Has any one tried Intercropping Turmeric and Moring/Drumstick ?

  2. Has any one tried Intercropping Mooringa and sugarcane ?

  3. Has any one tried Intercropping Turmeric/Ginger and Mooring/Drumstick ?

If any one have tried can you please tell me if its a viable option and the difficulties faced.

Distance between the rows/plants of turmeric and Moringa

  1. Has any one tried Intercropping Moringa and sugarcane ?

I already have 4 acer of standing sucarcane crop at a distance of 6 feet ready to harvest by January.

My plan is to plant Mooringa between the rows.

Experts can also suggest the best intercropping with sugarcane…
(Drip is on its way… may be by January)


Venu Kulkarni

Moringsa with Turmeric or Ginger can be planted. But it is not possiable for intercropping with Sugercane. Because both are Annual crops and interfearing with suger cane and Moringa.

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