Moringa farming in madhya pradesh

Dear farmer
Please suggest me ecomics and moring farming in ujjain mp i have black cotton soil with soil coverage 1.5 feet ph7-8

Thank you Bhayya,

No doubt you can happily Plant Moringa in your Farm Land without any Hesitation. BC soil is also suitable provide that there should be any water Stagnation. If you want we will Provide you the seed of PKM-1 at Rs.1600/Kg.If interested pl. Contact and we will provide you the FREE Consultation for this Plantation.

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There are different Spacing is followed.  10ftx10ft is good spacing. you can plant aprox 430 plants per acre. fruit setting start from 6-8 month depending on climate. if you follow chemical method of farming, you have to replant after 3-4 years.

Yield is 30-40Kg/plant in worst condition. There are instances of 70Kg also. Selling price varies from 20/kg to 100/kg.

before planting, find out do you have demand in your market?

Dear sir
no as such water clogging but avg rain fall between 32 to 36 inch across year some time more how should I start prepration of land I want to plant seedlings. which may be possible by 15 September.

Dear friend …

You say your soil is black cotton soil …

Kindly follow your cultivation as summarized here

1.Plough the land to good tilth say 3 or 4 times , or as you think the soil is rightly tilled without big clots …
2.Provide spacing of 2 M between the plants in case of moringa PKM 1 and spacing between row either 2 M or 3 M depending on your field condition

3.You form a raised bed of 1 M top width running along the length of the filed and plant rooted seedlings at 2 M spacing along the running bed

4.Mix single super phosphate and Farmy yard manure , neem cake and small quantity of urea and apply these through length of running beds where you plant moringa seedlings

5.You sow moringa seedlings in a polythene bags containing growing medium like cocopeat , compost and neem cake and trace of super phosphate …seedlings will be ready in one month time … healthy seedlings only from nursery and plant it in a raised running bed at specified spacing

7.Prune the morings plant regularly in such a way that it produce secondary and tertiary branches in enough numbers …

8.From 5 th month onwards you apply 400 grams Ammonium sulphate and 10 kgs of Farmyard manure per tree in split doses to suit your convenience especially after pruning …

9.A light periodical irrigation during flowering and pod formation will produce continuous flowering and pods …

10.Excess irrigation / water stagnation or starvation for water will affect grow th and yield of moringa…However you need not worry about this because raised running bed will do many functions like soil mulch, drainage in case of heavy unexpected rainfall  and enhance root development in spite of being grown in black cotton soil …

11.You told your sub soil is having sort of problem like something mentioned by you in your vernacular language that i dont understand …whatever it may be the raised running bed will give enough protection against sub soil problem soil …

12.You can now start cultivativating your field for better production of annual moringa PKM1

Thank you Mr.Manish  Sab for your interest on Moringa Plantation.

We are Providing Full Text on Growing of Moringa which is Miracle Plant where all the Parts of the TREE are of Monetary Value.Kindly go through the following Links for your Information and for your Consideration.

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Dear seniors
Can i plant merigold between space of moringa beds 3mrows

Yes you can plant Mary Gold in your Moringa Farm. This Mary Gold while giving Income It will be useful as a Host Plant for Pests.
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