Mobile Food Cart for Sale

Customization Makes Amisy Food Cart Outstanding
Amisy Mobile Food Cart is specialized in providing creative food cart concept and design. We can customize mobile concession trailers, food kiosks, mobile catering restaurant, cell phone kiosks, food vending stands to your specific needs. Customization can save customers’ budget and trouble which is our aim.
You can browse our product list for a reference

Product List
Holiday-A/B Mobile Food Trailer
Mobile Street Food Bike
Unpowered Food Kiosk
Trailer-type Recreational Vehicle
Mobile Fruit and Vegetable Vending Truck
Mobile Grocery Truck
Flagship Food Truck
Ice Cream Truck
Hand Push Food Cart
Food Concession Trailer
Electric Tricycle Food Cart
Electric Four-wheel Food Cart
Bus Type Electric Food Cart
Electric Food Truck

Ideas for Mobile Food Business

  1. Food Kiosks: they are temporary booths or stands used to serve foods like pretzels, ice cream and hot dog with flexibility, ease and low overhead.
  2. Food Carts and Concession Trailers: this style of mobile food business has been around for decades and is a multibillion industry.
  3. Food Trucks: larger than carts and can carry more sophisticated equipments for sorting, serving, cooking and preparing foods.
  4. Gourmet Food Trucks: takes food quality to a higher level and offers cuisine not typically found in food trucks like specialty crepes, Korean-Mexican fusion, or velvet cupcakes.
  5. Mobile Catering Business: usually is hired for specific events and the clients choose food from a catering menu, then the truck serves the food at the event.
  6. Bustaurants: a new concept, is not a truck but a bus, often a double-decker with the lower level for the kitchen and the upper level for customer to sit and eat.

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