Mixed Mango Plantation


This year July 13 I  have planted 122 Mango trees in 1 Acre+  With little knowledge  and without  any home work .

Land location
Udgir, Dist: Latur - Maharashtra

1.  Mango Spacing 20 X 20 Feet
2.  Dug Pits of 2X2 Ft in May and filled with approx 4 Kg FYM and little boric powder ( SOme powder used to kill ants) . Suggested by local farmers.
3. Plants are mixed variety  of Keshar, Ratna, Amrpali , Badam etc… procured from some nursary in  AP. I guess Shri Sai Baba nursary. Not recollecting because local farmer helped to get it  @ Rs. 140 / Plant.
4.I have done Drip Irrgiation recently
5. I had noticed some Disease on leaves, wherein they turned dark black, like some acid poured on them. Local farmer sprayed some solution and it reduced some extent.
6. As of today plants seen growing well.
7. I had taken interacrop of soyabean and turned out to be 7000 Kg in approx. 3 Months
8. Currently Intercrop is potato ( 1 Month old)  and seems looking good.
9. Planned watermelon as intercrop in Jan .

Whatever I did was basis local farmers limited suggestions,  who mostly follow Traditional farming of seasonal crops. Mostly Soybean ,  Jawar ,Sugarcane  etc… But post joining farm nest , I am keen to  follow correct and technical way of farming.

I am requesting experts to analyse whaterver I have done and help with corrections .


Dear Experts ,

Keen to you have your valuable suggestions on above request


Crop rotationwise there is no issue with your practice, you can continue same. if you have specific questions, you have ask it.

Thanks Sri

  1. As mentioned its mixed mango Varieties  Plantation , will they harm each other?
    2.How to I take care of their diseases free growth , pruning etc …? I mean right of mango plant care…


mixed veriety plantation has no issues. They dont get cross pollinated. i.e. no effect on fruit quality.

For pruning see below link
farmnest.com/forum/agricultural- … /#msg13556

Spray Panchagvya 1 a month. Mangoes respond very good for pnachagavya. This will take care of pest and growth.

Dear Sri,

Thank you very much for Mango Pruning PPT.

It would be great if you share your experienced and effective method of making panchgaya with exact ratios. Also mentioned Required quantity for 150 Trees as I Planted 28 More today.


There are variouse method,
Karnataka Agri Dept formula
1Kg Ghee,2L Curd,3L Milk,4 Kg Dung,5 L Gomutra
Mix All at once, keep for 18 days.
TNAU method
7Kg Dung 1 Kg ghee mix both, keep closed for 2 days, 10Kg dung and 10 L gomutra mix this gradually. keep it for 13 days, mix it every  everyday in clockwise. 6L Milk, 3Kg Jaggery, 2 curd 3L tender coconut 12 well ripened banana. Mix and rotate clockwise.
21 days in summer and 25 days in winter.

Filter this with cloth, mix 5% spray. Above can serve 1 acre of paddy. For mango 1/4 of this is enough.

Contents of Panchagvya:
Amino Acids(Growth promoter), Lacto bacillus (benifical micro-organism) and the contents listed for Jeevamritha are available in this.