Minimum Support Price

Hello fellow Farmnesters ,

I am a Big Data Analytics student and I wanted to know following things:

1)Is there any detailed way by which the government determines the Minumum selling price for crops ?

2)Is there any existing methodology or algorithm for this ?

I am not aware of any algorithms they use.

But for insurance purposes to determine loss of productivity, they conduct what are called crop cutting experiments.

Thank you  Bhayya for your Interest !

So far no Govt. has provided the Support Price for the Farm Products.But Govt. is Providing Support Price to the Fertilisers. If the Support price is Provided there are no suicides of the Farmers. Though Govt. is Providing support price to pulses,  very Few are benefitted. To support price for the Pulses one need to wait for weeks together at the Marketing Yards. Ihave faced such bitter exp;perience.I sold the Maize at Rs.11/Kg. while the supporting price is at Rs.13/Kg.Farmers are selling Tomato/Vegetables at Rs.0.50 Rs.1 etc. But at the times of Demand the Farmer has to sel his Products at the Price Fixed by the Officers of Rythubazaars.

This system can be changed only when there is an Association of Farmers for fighting for their betterment.Only Farming Profession is not having any Association or Snagam in India.

for vasudha Green farms,,

Dear All,

This is going to be the first time I am going to be selling Farm produce - Fresh corn in about 6acres is going to be ready in 20-30 days in my farm in Balanagar Mndl., near Shadnagar

Is it better to sell fresh or dried Corn? Local farmers sell dried corn only

How do we sell it?  - Is it taken to the local market or can some one procure it directly from the farm?

Please suggest