Milk weight and Malpractice by milk collection centres

Hello members,

I have been following farmnest for a long time and gaining knowledge through experienced people around here. This is a wonderful platform for anybody linked with Agriculture in the country. This site has cut down the exploitation of starters and innocent farmers in this field giving direct solutions to their problems.

These are the examples where I feel every farmer should have had some basic education and some access to the internet. Then there would not have been much difficulties in agriculture.

Well, I just got into Dairy farming and I have started with 10 cows that is…Hf, Hf cross, Jersey cross Red sindhi…

I have learnt many things about the feeding practices from this site and hands on experiences from other farmers, I still have many questions abt feeds and habits of cows I will ask it later…

But, one of the biggest confusionn here is regarding the milk weight!!

I send around 75 litres a day to Dodla Dairy, they have a pick up at my farm.

Fats 4.8% highest till date

I fill in 40 litre can full top up till the lid at times and they still send me a reading highest of 37.70 litres only!!

when asked about this reading they say its not a 40 litre can it is lesser!!

I do measure each cows output with a measuring can ( of course minus the lather on top), but still am not convinced by the end reading.

It actually takes around 2 hrs for the collection van to pick up my milk, coz mine is the last pick up, close to the dairy.
Is it something that milk volume decreases kept for a long time?
Is it a common practice by private collection centres to cheat farmers?

I am just not convinced by their answers…

how do we know our output exactly? should every farmer buy his own weighing scale? or Am I just over reacting on this issue, because I have heard a lot of malpractice stories about these private players…

Any insights, guidance, solution pls…
Suraj Puthane

The pickup truck guy might be selling from the cans. Sometimes they are paid less so they steal and  sell the milk to make money.

Its better to invest in a small weighing scale which costs around 5000. Also, nandini pays on kg basis, not litres. Same would be with private players.

Why dont you visit the collection center and see the weight for yourself and start shouting there. The sad story is there is so much milk these days, dont be surprised if they ask you to get lost. :slight_smile:

Anyway, good luck,


if they say get lost, see if you have any khova plants nearby. they pay rate based on fat %. I have one khova plant in my city. he says bring as much as milk you can I will buy. The only disadvantage is, he needs milk to be delivered to his place.


What is his pricing per fat % and his selling price of khoa? Can you check and let me know?