Milk Output for Indigenous Cows

Dear All,

What is the Milk Output of the following indigenous cows?

Kangayam - ? Litres
Umblacherry - ? Litres
Bargur - ? Litres
Alambadi - ? Litres
Pulikulam - ? Litres
Vechur - ? Litres

Also, where do I get these cows and the rates for each of them? Also, which 2 are the best for organic farming?


Hi All?
Why you don’t want to drink desi cow milk?
Can you please come back with milk yield in your or your friends/relatives area/village.
We normally get 2 to 3 liters per one time from Hallikar cow in Mulbagal area. But feeding is very neglected practice for this results, if we give proper fodder, than milk yield can be increased.