MHD In Banana?

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In the NCRB web site it mentions about the Modified High Density planting of Banana. Here is the link,

It says upto 5200 plants per Hectare, amounting to an average of 2080 plants per acre. Is this feasible for practical purposes ? Any one doing it in this way.

Can the gurus point out to its benefits and other aspects.



Hi Murali,
    1500 to 2000 plants per acre is very much common practice in Jalgaon .

Here is a farmer profile from Banavasi, Karnataka who plants around 2000 banana/acre.

There is also small video in youtube abt his cultivation practice.


Mr.Rauf Sait will not only growing Banana, he grows Pineapple & Garcenia too in large extent.
He has got doctorate from Dharwad university for his innovations in Agriculture.
He has got processing plant for pineapple and exporting the value added products.

You got another chance of meeting this Farmer who is very close to you. Have visit and come up with your experiences.


What is the pattern used. Is it uniform hear spacing like 3 ft X 3 ft or like here the spacing is wide, put more plants ie 2 plants per pit. In any case they will be fighting for natural resources.

Any idea on the yield ? Does it get reduced by half or any other draw backs. ??



Hi Murali,
  I will get back to you on exact planting details in next few days . I  did not saw anyone complaining reduced produce or any drawback. Jain irrigation with its high tech lab is in Jalgaon so farmers get latest technology very easily and they just go ahead with recomondations .

Please check below link from jain irrigation website which clearly explains the layout and all other details and recomonds 1452 plant/acre .

Hope it helps. It do not talk about two plants in same pit so so its highly probable that peoples are reducing the spacing to accommodate more plants .


Swamy, Looks like a plan. If anyone want to join please let me know, we can plan for a weekend.

Hi Murali/PPB,

Here are some of the spacing techniques followed:

S.No. System of Planting                                 Planting Distance Plant population /ha

  1.         Dwarf Cavendish                                 1.5 x 1.5                 4440
  2. Robusta and Nendran                                 1.8 x 1.8                 3080
  3. Rasthali, Poovan, Karpooravalli, Monthan 2.1 x 2.1 2260
  4. Paired row                                                 1.2 x 1.2 x 2.0 5200
  5. 2-Suckers /hill                                                 1.8 x 3.6 3200
  6. 3-Suckers/hill                                                 1.8 x 3.6 4800

Pl. see … anana.html for more details.

Mr. Rauf follows 7’x4’x3’ method.


Dear Hegde,
I had hectic tour on last week of May and now busy with new project of plantation preparation of Papaya & other at Bangalore.
Also need to go for bringing lemon,coconut, curry leaf, Jambu Nerale and other plants in different places.
You can carry on, wishing you all the best.

It is possible. Whatever NRCB has posted on their website is the result of their sustained research. Many farmers are following with certain modifications depending on the local situation. some follow two row systemwhile some quincontial spacing to add more plant in an unit area. Anyway high density planting has taken roots and has come to stay with all its advantages.

Hegde, count me in. We could plan a weekend travel, I am worried about the timing though - it will be pouring now.

Sure, will call you for planning.

Dear Sir,
could you please  send us the detailed cost of cultivation ie cost per acre,gross income per acre and net income per acre.Also ,is it applicable to other states as well.We shall be grateful for your kind information and particulars.
Thanking you

    nabard website gives info on some of the plantation bankable project  aproximate costing .
Please refer a organic banana plantation costing info . … ana_a2.pdf



the nabard costs are indicative. the cost may vary fro region to region

Dear Mr.,

To clear your doubt about Banana ,Papaya, Plse contact Mr.Siddramesh-= Banana Network,

Karnataka, First Member of Biofarms - he will give the details of experience.

Thank you
good luck