Merging pipe line

Hi Frnds
I have 4inch pvc pipe line for my 10 acres land in under ground which is connected to 10hp submersible moter now the problem with current ( only 8 hours ) so I am thinking to connect another 5hp submersible to same pipe line… is it possible?
Pls suggest
Thank you
Bala krishna

Dear Bala,

Yes this is absoultely possible.

Follow the attached drawing please. This is assuming that your new 5hp has 2" delivery size. Kindly use appropriate size if delivery varies.

Hope this helps!


With respect the diagram, 5HP motor cannot be run alone,because there is no NRV for 10HP motor line. Is my statement correct?

No Sri,

We can still run the 5hp alone. The NRV is to prevent back pressure from the 4" line from 10Hp, as without NRV this back pressure will load the 5hp pump due to high flow rate.


If the 10HP motor is not running and the water pumped from 5HP motor goes in both(pump side and irrigation line side) direction on the T right?

Yes Sri you are correct but bottomline is Bala wants more water that is the reason he’s adding 5hp in the first place so chances of running 5hp stand-alone is remote.

Also this layout is to run both the pumps simultaneously and if he wants to run only 5hp,he needs a check valve on the 10Hp side just before the tee.