Melia dubia clay soil


Am planning to plant melia dubia in my 10 acre farm. We had leased the farm before and only paddy was grown. I see some notes on Internet and experts advice that melia dubia doesn’t grow well in Clay soil.
Is there anyone in the community who has experimented this? Please share ur experience /results.
Am newbie in agriculture. I have attached some pics taken while digging a farm pond. Let me know if you can make out the soil profile from it and if it’s suitable for melia dubia.
Thanks your time and effort in advance.



Don’t go in such soil. Every one is discouraging.


Hi, can you please substantiate why. Thanks.


Sir I have heard from several people about it, also from Mr Kumarvelu who is expert in this field. Also the more water u give the better is the out put. We give almost 30 ltrs water per plant almost per day and the growth is very good.