Medicinal plants for sale at low price in tamilnadu with price

Mullu seetha (graviola) Rs.90 per plant,to destroy cancer cells
Insulin plant- Rs.12,per plant for diabetes
Omam plant Rs.10,per plant for stomach problems(Ajwain)
Mudakathan plant Rs.10 per plantfor leg pain(Indravalli)
Aloe vera plant(outer green and inner red)medicinal-Rs.700 per plant,prevents diseases and ageing,by reproducing new cells.
Toothuvalai plant- Rs.10 per plant,for cough problems(Pea egg plant)
Keela nelli plant Rs.10 per plant for jaundice.(Phyllanthus Niruri)
Nilavembu plant Rs.10 per plant,for malaria(Andrographis Paniculata)
Pepper plant or Milagu Rs.26 per plant,for lowering blood pressure
Vethalai plant- Rs.10 per plant,reduces respiratory problems(Betel)
Thipilli plant Rs.10 per plant.for lung problems.(Indian long pepper)
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