Marketing guava in Mysore Bangalore

Help required to market the guava in Mysore and or Bangalore

Resp  vijayabharathi,

Guava markets mainly observe the variety, quality and correct ripe position.

Premium varieties like  Allahabad Safeda, Lucknow 49 , VNR Bihi etc have good market value. Premium quality, good size will have good market in Metro, Reliance, Namdhari , in Bengaluru , etc

City (Kr market) Market ( goal market ) , will fetch good prices in Bengaluru.

With best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer

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Thanks for the info Sir,
But can any one in the forum udate the current market rate for Guava. I have grown the white Guava. Even the size iand taste is very good. 250gm to 500gm would be the weight of the fruit . I have grown them organically aswell .
If some one can update the current price in organic farm market it would be of great help
Thanking you
Vijaya Bhararhi

Resp Madam Vijaya Bharathi,

Your guava size is good. Spots and scratches will not be much preffered by markets. Try to control them by required means. Regularly take suggestions for betterment of the quality.

Any organic fruit requires Certification, if you want it to be sold as Organic product. If your land/Fruit garden is small like 2 or 3 acres, pl contact Sahaja Samrudda, of Jaivik Krishik Soiety, a Govt of Karnataka Organisation , and get a group Organic certification , by paying a nominal charge. They will visit your farm periodically, suggest you for good organic production and even help you in selling your product, to the extent possible. They give Organic certification as group farmer and it is valid throught the world.

If your garden is bigger like 10 acres or more, you can contact IMO, SKAL, ECOCERT etc, for organic certification, ofcourse their charges will be more. They inspect your land and give Organic certification , which is very much valid throught the world.

The present market price for quality Guava ( Allahabad Safeda/Lucknow49/any good  white variety, is Rs 60 to 80 per kg in Koimbedu market, chennai, Rs 40 to 50 in Bengaluru city market and Rs 45 in HOPCOMS , upto my knowledge. Rates fluctuates but good price will always exist for premium guava fruits , generally.

with best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer

Thanks for the info Sir,

One of my friend living in Bangalore said she did shop it for 160rs in a organic shop and 120rs in non organic  shops. So what you have mentioned is the whole sale price I guess. Such  a huge difference between retail and wholesale price !!!

Resp Madam Vijaya Bharathi,

we are farmers and we want only farmer price. What I have stated are todays prices. They also will be more or less, mostly depends on the quality, size etc of our fruits.

What prices your friend stated are of local retailers/vendors and 30 to 40 % differance will be there between farmer getting prices and final consumer prices, which includes their transport, commisions etc.

If you want to get the consumer market price , you have to have your own marketing net work and/or you can sell them in Rythu Bazars. or  you can market them with your own brand. ofcourse you have to give commission on that prices.

Any how, as I have suggested, you can get good price, if you can produce good premium quality fruits, in size, good fruits of scratch/spot less, with good size.

Any how lot of up and downs will be in price, day to day.Hope the best, 

with best wishes,    g.p.rao,  farmer

Hi Vijaya Bharati

Based on the size of the gauva and color it seems to me that what you have is VNR / “Thai” variety of guava. Please correct me if I am wrong.

If it this variety it has good market mostly in Metros, much less in smaller towns. So you should tie up with retail chains - they are willing to try out new sources as long as the product quality is good. Then work out a price which is viable for you including transport from Hassan to B’lore or Mysuru.
The only issue in this is the retail stores expect you to either deliver this to their warehouse or even store direct. This is something you got to figure out.

for varieties like L-49 the farm gate price is 20-25 Rs/Kg and retail is at 60-80 Rs. - this is in Chennai - in this instance the buyers come to our farm pick the fruits, we don’t do anything
for Thai varieties - basically fruits which are uniformly 400+ gms - we deliver to store at 60Rs/kg and they retail between 110-130 Rs - here we have to pluck, clean, grade and deliver to the shop ourselves.

All the best

That was the info I was searching hard till date,  the variety of the fruit

Dear Forum Farmer Friends,

VNR Bihi variety Guava is now available only in VNR nurseries, Raipur. It is not available else where.
Yes Thai varieties are available at several Nurseries.

g.p.rao,    farmer