Marigold & Rose cutlivation near Hyderabad

Hello All,

Wanted to know if there is anyone cultivating Marigold and rose, would like to visit your farm and understand economics.

I have a farmland of 20+ acres and labour available (2 hours drive from Hyderabad towards Zahirabad), so thinking about floriculture. Suggestions are welcome here as well.


Hello Vamshi,

You could try browsing videos of Bhoomi Putra in YouTube, I remember a farmer doing floriculture somewhere in Shamirpet near Secunderabad. Those videos will have contact details of model farmers.
You could also try to contact a lady farmer Mrs. Arundathi Rao in Madikonda near Warangal. She was featured in Bhoomi Putra some time last month, she is into floriculture these days, it is worth visiting her farm if she allows visitors. I tried visiting her farm last February but could not get her contact details.
Please let me know if you are not able to find the contacts, I can browse those videos and provide you the contact details if needed. Hope this helps.


Hello Sir,
              I felt that Hyderabad temperature is too high for roses. You can go for Marigold or Kanaka ambara (Crossandra).
Which type of roses you want to grow Dutch (cut roses) or spray type roses? I am staying in Shankarpally region (RR dist), here I visited some spray roses fields but reallly it is not upto the mark.
      For Dutch roses compulsory you have to install cooling unit in greenhouse which doesnt seem economical.