Mangoes cultivation information

We have cultivated 35 gavraan mangoes trees recently.we are interested in organic farming.please suggests summary information for water management,fertilizers used(organic and chemicals)from beginning till end as the trees are recently planted.

Dear Mr.Majidmirsa !
                                    Once you said organic means there should not be any mentioning of chemicals.Ok. Pure organic cultivation of mango crop warrants use of only organic source materials both in land and crops.

Ground/soil care

  1. Pit size 3’*3’*3’. 2/3 of pit depth shall be filled with material mix of Red earth+Native soil+ well decomposed Farmyard manure
  2. Depending upon the age of the plant , the nutrient requirement of the mango crop should be met out through Farmyard manure/ vermicompost/ other compost/ bio fertilizers like azospirillum, phosphobacteria and the like
  3. If need be, neem cake may be applied to soil. This not only serve as source of nutrient but also act as bio pesticide for soil born pest.Trichoderma viride, pseudomonas bacteria are such a bio pesticide which save roots of the mango from soil born pathogen.
  4. If organic manure is exposed to direct sun, then its efficiency will go down and will not sustain plant organic manure must be covered with either soil mulch or plant residue like coconut husk. This will create favorable soil micro climate which enhances microbial population.In terms of water management , it will sustain soil moisture avoiding the need for frequent irrigation .As plant grows it shed leaves which you should not remove and leave it where it falls.
  5. If you are fortunate enough to get pressmud from sugar factory, better you apply it to plant. It is a source of not only organic matter but it also contain secondary and micronutrients which supports mango crop in its physiological growth.


  1. For enhanced growth and development of mango plant, you better spray with PANJAKAVYA. It is purely an organic preparation containing vitamins, aminoacids and some organic acids besides some bacteria which develop in due course to protect plants from pathogenic organisms. So it act both as source of nutrients and natural protection to mango plants.

  2. Light trap, yellow sticky traps to collect and destroy the pest instead of going for synthetic chemical spray.

Likewise many more methods to manage organic cultivation of mango trees. The subject is lengthy. But you may better follow the methods which is amenable in your surroundings

But the concept is ’ total mango crop management must be followed in a pure organic way banning all synthetic source though they are branded and sold in market in the name of organic.many companies have sprouted in india to plunder farmers sweat.Use natural organic means.

thanks for the information its really valuable.Please post more information.

Thank you Sir ,

Kindly inform us where shall we get Trichoderma Viride in Hyderabad. Also inform whether we cam prepare Trichoderma Viride Mother culture by our Own. If kindly enlighten the Procedure .

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Vasudha Green Farms,,

You can get mother culture from IIHR Bangalore. You can do it with a training. A small Lab is needed.